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Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

According to legend, in the 1980s the National Basketball Association enforced rules for professional players. They were prohibited from wearing colors other than those on their uniforms. Their shoes also had to contain a certain amount of white.

In 1984, the NBA commissioner at the time David Stern sent a letter to the Chicago Bulls rookie shooting guard with jersey number 23 wearing a pair of black and red sneakers with very little white.

Michael Jordan was the sole owner of these shoes,Replica Watches a custom-made Nike Air Ship prototype, which had been designed by Peter C. Moore, a designer for the sportswear company.

Michael Jordan in 1985 Dunk Contest wearing the Air Jordan 1. Image via Getty/Andrew D. Bernstein

According to some versions, if Michael wore the prototype after receiving the warning, he would be fined $5000. Michael defied the commissioner by wearing his custom sneakers to court, and Nike (probably happily) paid the fine.

This last part could have been a clever marketing strategy that is now a part of legend. What is certain, however, is that this pair of prototypes became the legendary Air Jordan 1s.Bell & Ross Replica Watches Nike continues to release the Jordan 1 in many variations. Jordan fans and sneakerheads are always eagerly awaiting each new pair.

Why is the Air Jordan 1s, and the entire Air Jordan lineage in general, so popular today more than ever? There is only one word to describe the answer: nostalgia. The generation that grew up with Michael playing in his prime and dreamed of playing "just as Mike" is now old enough to pursue their sneaker goals on their terms.