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It all began with an exciting phone call I received late in the summer 2016 from Aurel. He shared with me the very confidential information that he had been in discussions with the owner who owned Richard Mille Replica Watches's Daytona "Richard Mille Replica Watches", and could potentially consign the watch with us. You can imagine my initial disbelief, considering the legendary -- and even mythical--status of the watch in the collector community.

We analyzed its potential at auction very quickly.Richard Mille Replica Watches We profiled potential audiences, both within and outside of the watch industry, and we all agreed that New York was the right place to sell this treasure. It's a truly American story, as it was auctioned in his country of birth, where he grew up, and where he worked.

We spent months debating and analyzing all aspects - legal, marketing, timing - before we signed the consignment contract. Then, when we got the agreement, we went to work to create a strategy to tell the world about not only the watch but also the incredible story that accompanied it. The watch's history, which is legendary, was never shared publicly.

Early on, we decided that American media was the best-positioned and most motivated to "break news" in a manner which we thought would do justice to the watches.Omega Replica Watches In addition, we wanted to work with a partner media that could reach not only established watch collectors, but also bring in as many newcomers to the world collectible watches. The mainstream media was the best choice.

We carefully considered all the possibilities, such as television, Hollywood and motorsport publications. But we also wanted to work with the best journalist. We wanted a journalist who would be able to capture the story and understand the subtleties of the Richard Mille Replica Watches Daytona. They should also be able to weave the entire story together so that it could easily understood by everyone, not just watch lovers.